Bedroom Trends For 2018

Looking to redecorate your bedroom at some point this year? Then these are the bedroom trends you need to know about for 2018, ideal for giving you some inspiration to get started.

Wellness in the bedroom

Wellness is a trend that we’ve seen for the whole house in 2018, and we particularly like the effects it can have in the bedroom. Whilst it’s a little bit about how you decorate the room, it’s also a lot to do with how you use the space. Limiting screen time is important in the bedroom and meditating in this space can also have a positive effect, these will both help you to disconnect and re-energise.

When it comes to decorating for wellness shades of grey and lilac are said to help soothe, choose for tactile fabrics and add scents of lavender to help promote sleep.

Fitted furniture

This is definitely not an option for those who are looking to redecorate on a budget, because custom fitted wardrobes can certainly cost a lot, but they’re worth every penny when it comes to storage. If you have an odd-shaped bedroom that you’d like to make the most out of, a fitted wardrobe can create significantly more storage space rather than a fixed shape or size piece.

The great thing is you can tailor them to your own specific needs too, whether you need more shoe storage, trouser rails, pull-out shelves or hanging rails.

Dark colours

Colour choices throughout the home are getting bolder. Living rooms have been given a darkened twist as have kitchens, and now these beautiful, bold and dark shades are seeping into the bedrooms too.

Whether you choose to paint all the walls or just one – make it the one behind the bed, this is a strong, statement look that’s going to make a big difference to the space.

We favour deep aubergine, forest green and navy blue, all of which look great when paired with grey and gold tones.

If you’re not quite ready to paint the walls in these strong shades just yet, you could start with some dark bedding and accent features around the room first.

Soft lighting

You want to ensure that you get the lighting just right for the bedroom, with a mixture of lamps that are both functional and create a mood. Dimmable ceiling lights are another good option to allow you to control the level of light to suit what you’re doing in the room. Find more options on First Lighting for lights in the bedroom.

An hour before bedtime you want to ensure that you’re lower the level of light in the bedroom, as it can help your body adjust and makes it a little easier to go to the land of nod.

Four-poster beds

Not ideal for bedrooms that are on the smaller size, but a four-poster bed is a gorgeous statement that can be made in the bedroom.

The designs should be simple, with clean lines, but they’re still going to make a big impact.

It’s instantly going to give the room a romantic vibe.

Warm metals

Chrome has been the shining star for years when it comes to metal designs, but in the last couple of years we’ve seen gold and copper stand up and take centre stage. If you’re looking to add a little bit of shine in the bedroom, then add in some warm metals to give the room a sense of cosiness.

Just a few small pieces can have a big effect on the space. Little trinket boxes and ornaments are the easiest way to achieve this.

Statement lights

As we mentioned above getting the lighting right in the bedroom can have a big impact on the space. If your ceiling light is a little more drab than fab, then make it take center stage in the room and choose something that’s going to make more of a statement.

If you have the ceiling height, a chandelier can work well or try a multiple pendant light as well. You want it to be the first thing to catch your eye when you enter the room.


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