• Mess Free Painting for Kids

    By now you know that Seth shares my love for arts and crafts (much to my delight, obviously) but sometimes I really don’t feel like cleaning up the mess and… Read More

  • Kids Craft Kit Essentials

    Over the last year I’ve amassed a rather large amount of stationery, paper, ribbon and thousands of other bits for my son’s crafts but there’s always a few things that… Read More

  • Easter Crafts with Baker Ross

    I adore Easter. I know it’s about so much more than all the Easter egg hunts and kiddies’ crafts, but I love that it’s a time where we can take… Read More

  • Bedroom Trends For 2018

    Looking to redecorate your bedroom at some point this year? Then these are the bedroom trends you need to know about for 2018, ideal for giving you some inspiration to… Read More

  • Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

    Going through the process of carefully choosing a gift for someone and then lovingly wrapping it, makes me happier than receiving gifts. Plus, I really like wrapping gifts. A LOT!… Read More

  • DIY Advent Calendar Bunting and Gift Ideas

    When I was a kid, my Gran made the most beautiful cross-stitched advent calendars for us. It was a long piece of fabric adorned with Christmassy patterns, numbers and plastic… Read More

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