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Easter is just chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Although Seth did have his very first chocolate Easter egg this year, we opted to get him a toy and two books as well. For as long as I can, I’m going to limit the excessive sugar intake during Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, not only because sugar is bad but because he’s too small to know it’s a treat. To him, it’s just another thing to eat so I’d rather let him munch on a banana which is his favorite at the moment.

We really wanted to do an Easter egg hunt with him (where we hide plastic eggies filled with little toys) but he’s too young to understand. Instead we thought it would be better to gift him books that tell stories of Easter egg hunts, so that we can read it to him throughout the year and by next Easter he’ll be so excited for it and he’ll fully grasp the concept.

Mr Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt

Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt

Roger Hargreaves – Egmont

Mr Happy wanted to make Easter extra special for everyone this year, so he enlisted the help of Mr Impossible (who can do the impossible) to hide the eggs in all the perfect places. He does an amazing job and each person finds their eggs hidden in special places, just for them. Mr Small found one hidden on a flower and Mr Tall found one hidden on a cloud. It was the perfect day and Mr Happy went to bed a happy man.

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We're going on an Egg Hunt

We’re going on an Egg Hunt

Laura Hughes – Bloomsbury

Although there really isn’t much of a story, (you just follow the bunnies as they look for eggs and then run away from a wolf) it’s still an epic book. It is beautifully illustrated and there are many eggs hiding under flaps for the children to lift up and find. It’s very immersive and satisfying to slam the door in the wolf’s face at the end.

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I hope you all have an amazing Easter!

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