Eyelergy Eye Drops – Relief for Hayfever Eyes

We are two days into spring and my eyes are ALREADY itchy.

As much as I wanted the weather to (finally) warm up, I was also very relieved that allergy season was delayed by a few weeks because of the snow. It seems as though the flowers are angry though because my eyes have been so incredibly itchy as of Tuesday.

I am madly allergic to all kinds of pollen. Tree pollen is the worst for me so May is typically the month that I just want to gouge my eyes out and stick pipe cleaners in my ears to scratch that itch inside my throat that can never get to. In Cape Town, I would get a cortisone shot each month in summer because it’s THAT bad. But have you tried to get the NHS to give you any type of corticosteroid? It just ain’t happening – at least not for allergies. Luckily you can still get it via a private doctor, but it costs an arm and a leg. So much so, that I can usually only ever afford one appointment and one prescription. I treat those tiny white tablets like gold because once they’re done, they’re DONE!

To take the edge off, I’ve started using Eyelergy eye drops. They’re sterile, preservative free (single use only) eye drops, making them suitable for contact lens wearers. They work by flushing out the pollen and creating a protective film over your eye to soothe the itch. They can also be used as many times a day as you need because they aren’t medicated – Eyelergy only contains carbomer, sorbitol, sodium hydroxide and water.

A box of 20 little 0.4g bottles is £9.90 which includes free 2nd class delivery. This is very reasonably priced in my opinion and I am grateful for that price because I’m going to be needing A LOT of eye drops to get through the next 6 months.

You can order your Eyelergy eye drops via their website.

Eyelergy Eye Drops

Disclosure: I was sent a sample but I have since repurchased the product three times.

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