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It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when my son enjoys toys that I used to love as a child. There’s just something so sweetly nostalgic about it. Although I didn’t own any Fun Bricks myself when I was growing up, my neighbours did, and it was always a highlight of mine when they allowed me to play with them.

Fast forward about twenty years, John Adams Toys sent my son some to play with and so my childhood dreams of owning my own set came true. OK, they are technically not mine, but I get to play with them whenever I want, so I’m still winning.

Fun Bricks are plastic shapes with lots of rows of little pegs on them. These pegs interlock when you press the different shapes together. It’s a lot like the building blocks that you are probably familiar with, only better, because you can join the pieces on any of their sides, not just the top. Fun bricks allow for more creative freedom.

Fun Bricks

Fun Bricks

The bricks are also quite soft (pliable) so if they get thrown around for some reason, they won’t cause any damage and they don’t hurt as much if you stand on them either. Those of you who have had the misfortune of stepping on a tiny building block, will know how important this is to take into consideration when buying new toys.

Jokes aside, Fun Bricks teach children fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, their shapes and even their colours. They get to be imaginative, as well as analytical, all while having fun.

My son spends hours playing with his Fun Bricks set and for a toddler’s attention span, that’s really impressive (in my opinion).

He has just turned two this week and loves cars so that’s all he’s been building at the moment. The very first thing he did when we opened the box was to put all the wheels on their axles and say “caaaaaaarrrrr”. It’s taken him a bit of time to actually build a car, but once he got it right he just kept building more intricate ones with spoilers, wings and even propellers. It’s really fun to see what he comes up with.

There are three different size sets of Fun Bricks available; 34 pieces, 50 pieces and 100 pieces. They all come with wheels but only the 100 piece set comes with propellers and road signs.

Fun Bricks are perfect for children ages 18 months and up. They’ll also make an amazing Christmas or birthday gift. (Plus, the box is rectangular with no funny plastic windows, so wrapping will be a breeze.)


If you’d like to win a 100 piece set of Fun Bricks, simply follow the instructions in the widget below.
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Win a 100 Piece Set of Fun Bricks from John Adams

Terms and Conditions

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The competition runs from Tuesday, 4 December 2018 to Thursday, 13 December 2018.
One winner will be announced on Friday, 14 December 2018.
The winner will have seven days to supply a delivery address. If an address is not supplied, a new winner will be chosen.
The winner will receive one box of Fun Bricks (100 pieces).
The prize is not transferable for cash.
Prize is sponsored by John Adams and will be sent to the winner by their PR team. Please allow 30 days for delivery.


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