Getting to Know Laminate Flooring

Home renovation shows are giving compelling reasons to convince homeowners to renovate their current houses. They normally tear down parts of people’s house that are no longer ‘in’ and replace them with resort or boutique hotel themed fixtures and designs. The majority of the interior designers overhauls the flooring and replace them with revolutionary laminate flooring which are stylish, low maintenance and sturdy. You might be thinking of doing the same but before taking the leap and update your flooring, let’s get to know what is laminate flooring and why it is gaining popularity recently.

laminate flooring

Laminate flooring consists of multiple layers of artificially prepared flooring products, which are fused together by a common lamination process. The process consists of simulating a surface (wooden or stone) with a photographic layer, which is protected with an outer lucid protective layer. Materials such as fire board and resins of melamine are used for composition of inner layer. Installation of laminate floors is very easy. Joining planks edge to edge, they are clicked on one another, with glue as a supporting adhesive. The underlying film provides as a flexible ground for moisture and helps the balance the upper constructive planks.

laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a comparatively newer trend. In the past, people used to opt for hardwood flooring but it was expensive, time consuming and required a good deal of money to keep it in tiptop condition. The price difference was as much as £5 per square foot i.e. £1 per square foot for laminate floorings while £6 – £8 for hardwood flooring. Once installed and provided, you take good care of laminated floor plans, the average time of lamination floors consists between 15 – 25 years. To install laminate flooring in a small room, the whole process can take as less as one working day. Laminate floors are best cleaned by a combination of vinegar – water solution.

laminate flooring

Thanks to laminate flooring, the fashion trends have changed. With countless new variety and flexibility in terms of financial constraints, people have started using laminate flooring plans. They are easy to install and much easier to keep them clean. With use of different fillers, laminate floorings have sound reduction properties so they are very much appreciated by people, who want to enjoy the solitude of peace.

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