Five Things I would do if I won the Lottery

I think we’ve all got a list of things we dream of doing should we ever win the lottery, so I thought I’d share mine with you.

Buy my dad a Catamaran

I grew up in a harbor town, so the sea was a very big part of my childhood. I spent most weekends chilling next to the channel fishing with my dad. We’d talk about the fish we caught, the ones that got a way and about life in general. Before we’d go home, we always stopped for some ice-cream and walked around looking at the many ships, sail boats and catamarans moored in the harbor. We’d create stories about where these ships had been and where they’re going and which ones we’ll own “one day”. I told my dad that “one day” when I’m rich, I’d buy him his catamaran, so that’s the very first thing I would do if I won the lotto.

Invest in my own businesses

That saying of “you need money to make money” is true and a little cash injection would go a long way. Hell, even blogging costs money!

I wouldn’t go ape and front thousands of pounds into all my little businesses, but it would be nice to just go and buy the things that I know will help me, such as a new laptop or a bigger washing machine to wash all those colourful onesies. I would also go on learning courses to better my skills, such as a photography course. These would be really fun to do but also help me with my work so it’s a win win!

Buy myself a house (again)

I was a smug twenty-one year old when I bought my first house in Cape Town. It was a massive achievement (in my opinion) to be able to do that so young in a country where the general population (including myself at the time) find it very difficult to make ends meet. It was my pride and joy and I spent every weekend working on it to make it a home. It was short lived though, because we didn’t see a future for ourselves in South Africa and decided to emigrate.

It’s DIFFICULT to start all over again in a new country. Going from being completely settled to essentially a fresh collage graduate where you have no credit score, no one wants to even let you signup for a cellphone contract or open a cheque account, was rough. What I miss most (still to this day, three years later) is a place that I can call “home”.

We’ve been renting and I cannot WAIT until this phase that feels like we’re stuck in limbo to end. I just want to find a little housie and make it my own – to create the perfect kitchen and little nooks for me to live my best life in. I don’t want to worry about the landlord moaning that the walls are not magnolia anymore and I need to make them boring magnolia before he takes money off my deposit.

Settle all my bad debt

I’m fortunate enough not to have a lot of debt. I guess that’s one of the unexpected upsides of moving to a foreign country and having to build up your credit score from scratch. I would pay off my phone contract and my car because I’m just paying unnecessary interest on things that I will replace.

Go on a long holiday

I would go somewhere warm and tropical and spend a month just swimming in the sea every day. I would go back to being a permanent beach bum like I used to be growing up. The little one would get to build sand castles and try to catch the little fish in rock pools with a net. We’d eat ice cream for dinner and a dip in the pool would be considered a bath. It would be bliss.

Besides my dad’s catamaran, I think I have a very realistic and sensible list.
What would you do if you won the lottery?

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