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Milton products were a staple in our home long before the little one came along. I still, to this day, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in every room of the house. I even have a bottle in my handbag, the nappy bag and my car.

After having a baby, my drive to disinfect everything just became stronger and now I own pretty much every Milton product on the market and I use them daily, so I thought I would share my favourite products and their uses with you.

(Those that have been reading my blog for a while will know that germs are a major issue for my son’s condition. We cannot isolate him from the rest of the world, but we can make sure that he isn’t unnecessarily exposed to harmful bacteria.)

Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel

Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel

As I mentioned, I keep this EVERYWHERE. If I had to go and fetch all the bottles, I think I would have about 12 of them. There’s always one within arm’s reach.
I like the convenience of cleaning my hands on the spot, especially when I’ve just wiped my son’s runny nose, but I can’t go upstairs to the bathroom to wash my hands without picking him up and then spreading the germs all over his clothes or onto the light switch… or the door handle. Ewe.

The gel is available in 100ml travel size bottles perfect for your nappy bag and a bigger 500ml bottle with a pump dispenser.

£1.40 (100ml) Boots
£6 (500ml) Boots

Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes

Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes

These wipes are another product from Milton that’s dotted all over our house.
I use them the most to wipe up any food that my son has messed (flung) around the house. They come in handy in town too. Shopping trollies, restaurant highchairs and so on, all get a wipe down before my son sits in them. I also give my phone and wallet a clean with them every now and again.

£2 Boots

Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray

Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray

I use Milton’s Antibacterial Surface Spray on the kitchen counters, the highchair, the fridge and even my son’s toys. It has a lovely fragrance which makes the whole house smell fresh and clean afterwards.

The formula is bleach and alcohol free so it’s safe to use on food related surfaces and it won’t discolour white appliances.

£1.50 Boots

Milton Solo Travel Sterilizer

Milton Solo Travel Sterilizer

This is a single bottle sterilizer that can be used in the microwave or for cold water sterilizing. I got it for my son’s hospital stays but it’s proven to be so handy that I now take it with to friends when we go for barbeques etc.

It’s designed to fit all bottles and microwaves. We use Tommy Tippee bottles which are quite wide and have had no issues.

­­£11 Boots

Milton Sterilizing Tablets

Milton Sterilizing Tablets

These magic effervescent tablets are what make Milton’s cold water sterilizing possible. One tablet treats 5 litres of water and this mixture can be used for 24 hours to sterilize things. All it takes is a 15 minutes soak in the solution and you are good to go – no need to rinse off the bottles or toys before use.

These tablets have no taste and kill both bacteria and viruses.

£1.50 (28 tablets) Boots

Milton Sterilizing Fluid

Milton Sterilizing Fluid

This does exactly the same job as the tablets but it’s just in liquid form. I like to keep the tablets for travel and the liquid for around the house.

I use it to sterilize things like dish sponges and the little pipes for my coffee machine’s milk frother. If my son has a runny nose, I soak the Nose Frida in the sterilizing fluid after I’ve washed it.

When he has a cold, I fill up his baby bath with the sterilizing fluid and drop in all the plastic toys to soak for a bit. After 15 minutes I drain the water and let them air dry before packing them away. It’s so comforting to know that he isn’t going to re-infect himself, or someone else, when he plays with his toys.

£2.30 Boots

 Milton Portable Soother Sterilizer

Milton Portable Soother Sterilizer

My son decided that he hated dummies when he was about 5 months old, but before then, the Mini Portable Soother Sterilizer was a life saver. I had no idea they even existed until my bestie bought one for us. I am forever grateful.

The cute little ball has two sponges inside that soak up the sterilising fluid. They clean any debris and sterilize at the same time, plus there’s no need to rinse. Just amazing!

I used to clip in onto our nappy bag so that I would never leave the house without it.

(The mini sterilizer tablets are made specifically for the mini portable soother sterilizer.)

£7 Boots

What I love about Milton’s products is that they’re not just for baby. There are so many uses for the entire household and they’ve made it easy (and affordable) to keep things hygienically clean. No wonder they’ve been trusted by moms for over seventy years.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products mentioned and photographed have been purchased by myself. I have received a sample of Milton’s wipes and antibacterial gel before though.

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