ROK Straps: Heavy Duty Leads for Strong Dogs

This, is obviously not a beauty related post but I’ve been known to blog about anything I like so whatever. It is my blog after all.

Let me just get this weird story started.

Six years ago, Charl and I were in a VetShop in Cape Town buying more dog food for our two fur kids. It was around Christmas time and I needed a present for my dad when I spotted some seriously strong looking dog leads.

The VetShop is a very weird place to buy Christmas presents for humans but a light bulb went off. My sister dog, Dixie (my dad’s dog) had snapped and chewed through countless leads and my dad was forever complaining that he could not find something strong enough for her.


I took some photos (with permission) of the leads and sent them to my dad. The leads were priced at R400 (six years ago) and I didn’t want to buy it without making sure he thought they were cool too – and let’s be real, R400 for a dog lead is nuts but under the circumstances, I thought it was a good investment.

Man, was I right.

That lead never said die… until a month ago… but only because my dad accidently left the lead lying around and Dixie had a solid half an hour to chew on it.

My dad was so bummed. When I bought the lead, sooo many years ago, I knew he would like it but he really loved it. At least once a year I would hear about how awesome the lead was and how impressed he is that it’s still holding up so well.

He called countless pet stores, looked online (Takealot used to sell them) but he could not track down a replacement in South Africa.

I decided to take a look here in the UK and found them on Amazon and they were really reasonably priced.

I bought the exact same lead and even a matching collar. The total order was only £26 (R450). I was super stoked because it was six years later and it cost less than I paid the first time round.

I am also really upset with myself that I never got one of these for Evee (my Staffie) when we had her. Life only let us spend six months together, but in that time, she chewed through two leads and snapped another.

I had just completely forgotten about my dad’s ROK Strap lead when we had her. So this is why I decided to put the post on the blog, because if you have a strong dog that likes to pull, or even a little dog that loves to gnaw on their lead, then you absolutely NEED a ROK Strap in your life. (This post is not sponsored by the way.)

So, what is it about a ROK Strap that makes it so good?

First off, it’s almost like a bungee cord, but flat. It stretches so that when your dog pulls on the lead, there’s no sudden jolt that can injure their neck. Your arm also doesn’t feel like it is about to be ripped from your shoulder. You may be thinking, ‘but dogs shouldn’t be pulling on their leads, you need to train them better’ but we don’t live in a perfect world.


The bottom of the lead (the part that attaches to the collar) is also a handle. You can hold the lead here when you need more control over your dog, say when meeting another dog, stopping to cross the road or for when you just need to keep them close by. The website refers to it as a ‘traffic leader’.


The traffic leader double as a car restraint. Simply slip the seat belt through the loop.


This part of the lead also has extra tough fabric around it which really puts up a fight, even for the strongest of chewers.

The clips and stitching are heavy duty and like I mentioned, they never gave way.


The collar is equally as great as the lead.

It has three layers to it – two nylon outers and padding on the inside. Most collars are just one piece of leather or nylon.

The collars match the designs of the leads but instead of the design being woven into the fabric, it is printed on.


Where to buy

They are available online from many stores in the UK but I bought mine from Amazon.

ROK Strap Dog Lead 3-in-1 Stretch Lead, Large, Jungle Camo
Shop from Amazon
£ 15

ROK Strap Collar, Medium, Jungle Camo
Shop from Amazon

Again, this is not a sponsored post. I’m just taking time out of my day to do you and your dog a solid.

Stay Sparkly!

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