Seth’s Snowman – Personalised Children’s Books from It’s Your Story

A few months ago, we were gifted a voucher from It’s Your Story, which is a service that lets you turn a photo of your child’s face into a character of their very own book. I used the voucher to create a little Christmas present for Seth and was delighted to see him recognize himself in his book, even though he was only a year old at the time.

I opted for the Snowman story because Seth had just seen his first snow that November and I wanted to have a special reminder of the day – something more than a photograph. Little did we know we’d be lucky enough to get snow for most of winter (and spring).

Seth’s Snowman tells the story of how he and Zamber Frost (a snowman) save Christmas after all the Elves fall ill. Sounds pretty accurate of our Christmas last year, to be honest.  Mind you, we’re ill again at the moment.

It’s Your Story

The book allows for further personalisations, like the city and street in which you currently live. I really liked this. We tend to move around a lot so it’s going to be awesome to read the story in a few years and have a snapshot of what Seth looked like, and where we lived, when he was eight months old.

It’s Your Story do loads of different books, such as birthdays, alphabet and numbers, London zoo, as well as a family book. They also have stickers, mugs and notebooks to name a few.

The book was printed and delivered in the same week, so that’s pretty speedy in my opinion. I highly recommend that you go give them a peek if you haven’t yet.

It’s Your Story

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