Taffy Mail – Get American Candy in the Mail

I’ve tested out my fair share of subscription boxes over the years but I think I’ve just found THE BEST one! One, filled with candy! And not just any candy that you can buy from the corner shop – American candy!

When we lived in Peterborough, there was a shop that sold all sorts of American sweeties, cereal and soda. It was my favourite shop. Mostly because they always had Fruit Loops.
Sadly, we moved to a smaller town down South and there’s no American sweetie shop here. BUT THEN TAFFY MAIL SENT ME AN EMAIL! So everything is OK again.

Taffy Mail is a subscription box service that will send you loads of edible American treats each month. They are the only company offering this kind of service in the UK.

They asked if I wanted to test out their service. *DIES*
I played it cool and sent a pretty subdued response but I REALLY wanted to reply with a whole bunch of “I am so excited memes”.
Like these ones…

Oprah’s face!

I LOVE SWEETS SO SO SOOOOOO much. Nearly as much as I love my son.

I consider ice cream to be its own food group. I can happily consume my body weight in gummy bears and chewy Fizzers. The only reason I ever agreed to go on a date with my fiance was because he said he had Bar One ice cream in his freezer so I knew he was a keeper.
I also think it’s totally acceptable to go to a restaurant and have a three-course dessert. And chocolate pizza is the BEST kind of pizza. I am very sad that I don’t taste test sweets for a living but it is fun to pretend. Stay focused Leigh-Ann!

Taffy Mail have three sizes available

4 to 5 products. No cans or premium items.
£7.49 per month.

10 to 12 products. One can of soda. No premium items.
£14.99 per month.

Up to 20 products. At least one can of soda and at least one premium item.
£24.99 per month.

Premium items include bigger packs of sweets, cereal, and other, generally more expensive treats such as Pringles.

Inside my Taffy Mail Extra box

I got sent the special Halloween edition and it was EPIC.
In my box I got:

Cauldron Skittles
White Candy Corn M&Ms
Candy Corn Hersey’s
Skull Butterfinger Cups
Candy Corn Super Blow Pop
Caramel Apple Super Blow Pop
Caramel Apple Twizzlers
Caramel Apple Cow Tales
Mallo Cup
Blue Raspberry Laffy Taffy
Chewy Lemonheads
Sour Patch Kids
Gummy Hot Dog
Swedish Fish Sample
Mini Doughnuts
Ranch Pringles
Beer Nuts
Pibb Xtra
Strawberry and Kiwi Kool-aid

The treats came in a big box filled with packaging peanuts. Every time that I thought I had taken all the sweets out of the box, I found another one hiding away, like a magician pulling scarves out of a hat.

It is almost my birthday but I’ve already received the best gift this year, and it’s this box of candy. (My son was born last year so don’t yell at me!)

I wolfed down the Pringles… because once you pop you can’t stop. Ranch flavor is gooooood in case you were wondering. It tastes like salt & vinegar mixed with chives. YUM!

Some of my other favourites were the M&Ms, the Mallo Cup, the Chewy Lemonheads, the Twizzlers and the Kool-aid. If I ever find an American shop here, I’d repurchase these. THEY WERE SO GOOD!
I haven’t tried all the noms yet, so this list may need some updating soon.

I have already budgeted for a Christmas Taffy Mail box for myself and a friend and I don’t think I have ever been this excited about someone else’s gift before!

Taffy Mail - Lemonheads

Taffy Mail - Skittles

Taffy Mail - M & Ms

Taffy Mail - Herseys

Taffy Mail - Twizzlers

Want to Try Taffy Mail?

Whether you are an American missing home or on a mission to try out new candy or even perhaps someone with an insatiable sweet tooth, I think you will LOVE Taffy Mail.

If you’d like to try Taffy Mail for yourself, I’ve got a discount code to sweeten the deal.
Use TAFFYLEIGH at checkout to get 10% off your first 3 month subscription. Get your treats here.

You might want to hurry though because you’ve only got until the last day of October to get this month’s box.

Happy om nom noms!

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