Top Tips for Choosing a Good Dentist

When looking for a new dentist, it isn’t as easy as choosing the first name that pops up on a Google search. Finding the right dentist can actually be a difficult task, so here are a few tips to help you choose.

Start off by asking people you know who that are registered with. It could be that you have moved to a new area for work, so don’t really know where your local dental surgeries are. A good way to start is to ask your new work colleagues who they use as they will be able to give you their first-hand experience of their dentist.

Not all dental surgeries will be suitable for your needs, so if you are looking for a family-friendly dental practice that can treat your whole family, then it would be worth asking around with colleagues that have a young family. You also need to think about looking for a family-friendly dental practice that is convenient for you to travel to, so it may need to be close to your home or to your children’s schools, should you ever need to take them out of school for an urgent appointment.

Ask about all their services

When new to an area, you may want to ask your neighbours or work colleagues for recommendations. However, the quality of dental work done and the skills of the dental surgeon is only part of the whole package. Remember to ask about the surgery facilities, the waiting room, whether they provide books and toys for children, the attitude of the dental receptionists and how well you are treated by the staff. These are all important factors that you need to know about before registering with a new dentist.

Check patient reviews online

You can use the internet to look up local dentists in your area, and good practices will have a good website that offers plenty of useful information. Look for patient feedback to see what is being said about their services. If there is a lack of patient feedback or positive comments, then check to see if this is a new practice that has only just started up. They may not have had enough time to gain any positive feedback, so don’t dismiss them straight off if this is the case.

Do you need specialist dental treatments?

It may be the case that you are having to move dentists during a lengthy course of dental treatment, such as braces for teeth straightening, dental implants, or you are being treated for gum disease or periodontal disease. Check to see if there are dental surgeries in your area that specialise in certain dental procedures. You may have a very conveniently placed general dental practice that is family-friendly, but their team doesn’t include staff members that are able to take on your continued treatment. You can either choose to register your family here and look for a specialist elsewhere that can deliver cosmetic dentistry or other specialist treatments.

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential new dentists, you can either give them a quick phone call or drop in to take a look at the practice. First impressions really do count, so if you like the look of the surgery and are greeted by friendly staff, then you may have found your perfect new dental surgery.

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